Polish cold cuts are known around the whole world for their unique taste and aroma. It is thanks to the variety of herbs, like pepper, marjoram, garlic, cumin, juniper, coriander as well as allspice.

The secret of Polish sausages, ham and pates is their all natural ingredients. What is more, they are produced with accordance to the original recipes which are at the same time compatible with all European Union requirements.

Fine cold cuts


Premium cold cuts.
  • 1. Raw Polish sausage- Knacker (Nowak)
  • 2. Silesian Sausage (Sokołów, Korona)
  • 3. Sausage with wild garlic (Mróz)
  • 4. Cracow sausage from Bobrownik
  • 5. Żywiecka sausage - beer sausage (Krakus)
  • 6. Cabanossi – stick sausage (Nowak, Balcerzak)
  • 7. Salami (Bumerang)
  • 8. Ordinary sausage (Sokołów, Korona)
  • 9. Vavel sausage (Korona)
  • 10. Pate (Duda)
  • 11. Sopot loin
  • 12. Smoked ham