Polish cheese is not simply an appetizer. It is also an excellent ingredient that will improve the quality of every dish.

Polish cheese is carefully and skilfully made. The milk used in the production process comes from the region of Poland known for its beautiful meadows and clean waters. It is produced in a strictly regulated processes, according to traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Thanks to the latest technologies as well as rigid adherence to the strictest European norms in the production facilities Polish cheese ranks amongst the world’s best.

Fine cheese


Premium dairy products: Mlekopol, Sierpc, Włoszczowa, Turek:
  • 1. Hard cheese - Sejdamer, Aldamer, Magnat, Włoszczowski, Królewski, Królewiecki, Serenada Babuni, Radamer
  • 2. Blue cheese - Lazur
  • 3. Smoked Cheese - Oscypek (goat or ewe)
  • 4. Cheese with herbs and spices - Amber with chives, chili or garlic
  • 5. Salami cheese - pepper and chili, garlic and herbs, tomato and basil
  • 6. La Festa Cheese - mushrooms, with vegetables, garlic and herbs