Polnische Spezialitäten is a German company with a long history in the food industry. We import our products from the best Polish manufacturers.

Our range of products and brands have won many clients’ hearts. Our products are known for their exceptional taste and quality that you won’t find anywhere else in store or online.

Quality and tradition

We are constantly learning from the richness of Polish traditional cuisine. Polish products are widely recognized and appreciated by the world’s cuisine connoisseurs. We always make sure that our products are made only from top quality ingredients.


We make sure that our products are always fresh. It is extremely important especially when choosing our cold cuts and dairy products. For this reason we always take new deliveries at least twice a week!

Friendly and professional customer service

Polnische Spezialitäten employs 10 members of staff. Their main task is to run food stands which are located in the federal states of Brandenburg as well as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Our employees make constant effort to bring our range of Polish products to our clients.

Try before you buy

We are aware that food preference is a highly individual matter. For this reason we encourage you to try our products at one of your food stands. It’s a perfect occasion to discover the best of the Polish products for yourself!

We warmly invite you to visit our food stands.